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Long story short, the styles for Urban Filly’s initial line were carefully selected to provide a variety of silhouettes and options to help you look your best, regardless of size or age.  Above all, our styles are designed to be fun, flexible, and timeless.

In this newsletter, I will review the different silhouettes Urban Filly offers and speak to how and why they can help you look your best, starting with a brief review of body types. Below is a chart that shows a number of common body types. Can you identify your own personal shape?

So, the question is then, “How does one dress to make the most of your body type?” The answer is to de-emphasize your figure faults and flaunt and enhance your assets.  

If you are one of the many women who tend to accumulate weight on the thighs and hips (myself included), you likely have a triangle shape.  For triangle shaped bodies, the Bandera’s A-Line silhouette works well because it is narrow at the top and widens gently towards the hem.  It emphasizes the waist and skims over the hip, providing great camouflage for full hips.  

Wedge shaped (inverted triangle) body types can create the illusion of an hourglass figure by choosing styles that help to balance broad shoulders.  This includes the Sedona and Val Verde gaucho pants because of their feminine, full skirts. 

If you have a rectangular or athletic body type, your body proportions are generally more evenly distributed throughout your body from your bust to your waist to your hips. To dress your best for this figure type, try a style that features a set-in waistband, such as the Bodie or Uvalde gaucho pants. These styles call attention to your waistline, creating separation. You can also achieve the appearance of a fuller hip by choosing an A-line silhouette like the Bandera gaucho pant, which accomplishes both.  Wearing strong, contrasting colors and a tucked-in shirt will further add definition to your proportions.

If you are curvy with an hour glass figure, try accentuating your feminine features with one of our more body conscious designs. Try our Bodie or Uvalde Gaucho pants to call attention to your beautiful curves and emphasize your slender waist.

In terms of proportion, while Urban Filly’s initial apparel line is designed for women of average height, a number of our styles can actually create the illusion of appearing taller. For Example, the Bodie gaucho pant features a piped contrasting panel that causes the eye to move vertically, elongating the body and minimizing the hip.  In a similar manner, the asymmetrical styled Uvalde gaucho with its diagonal hemline also draws the eye upward to its graceful drape, slenderizing the hip.  

Short-waisted, rounded, and diamond shaped body types will benefit from emphasizing the waist. Try wearing contrasting colors and a style like our Sedona gaucho pant with its deep yoke and charming side buttons.   The Val Verde gaucho pant with its contoured waistband will also help balance proportions.  Like the Sedona gaucho pant, the Val Verde style sits just below the natural waistline, adding length to the upper body and defining the waist.

To contrast, if you are long-waisted, a style like the Bodie or Bandera with its set-in waistband can pull the eye towards the natural waistline.  Add your favorite belt for further emphasis. 

I hope you found this information to be helpful.  In my next newsletter, I will discuss what my research revealed about fabrics and why I chose these specific fiber combinations for my initial clothing line. 

Wishing you and all those you hold dear a safe and blessed Holiday Season,



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